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  1. Compiling Sqlite 3


    So I'm trying to get my build system all automated. What this would mean is that, once set up, anyone can checkout my graphics engine project, run a setup script (setup.py), and then compile! A quick 1, 2, 3!

    So far, it's working for Linux (64 ...

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  2. Interviews and Dune 2, Oh My!


    Ok, so lots of interviews over the past couple of weeks. So far I think they have gone well.

    I have been asked several times in my interviews if I do any projects in my own time. I usually end up mentioning my graphics engine, and also my earlier ...

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  3. Marching Cubes

    Well hello there.

    So I managed to get a Marching Cubes implementation working over the past week. I got the implementation from here. It is from a gentleman named Paul Bourke, who graciously allowed me to use his code in my project. It seems that this fellows implementation is very ...

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  4. Makin'a Gama

    Hi everyone.

    So I haven't been doing too much on the game front in the past few months - at least, nothing that is really 'visible'. I've mostly done back-end stuff, like code cleanup, refactoring, etc. I am currently playing around with another algorithm for smoothing over voxels called ...

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