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  1. Onward!

    Hello everyone. Unfortunately, over the past few days I've had some inflammation in my tendons, so I haven't been able to work on too much.

    I do have a rudementary 'paging' system for the terrain - that is, it will dynamically load different chunks of terrain as I move ...

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  2. Voxel Terrain Progress

    Just a quick update on the voxel terrain. So, I've got some basic voxel terrain rendering going. The terrain is supposed to be 'mountainous', with a bunch of caves and such in it. At this point, there are caves and such all over the place :) A little too much ...

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  3. Terrain - Dual Contouring and Voxels

    I've been working on getting some basic terrain rendering in my engine. I want to have something that looks awesome. Unfortunately, this has me a little bit conflicted between a quick and dirty implementation to just get things 'working', and a longer, harder implementation.

    I ultimately chose to go ...

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  4. Basic Skybox

    Alright, so basic animations are working in Linux and Windows! Woot! Well, except for Windows on one of my laptops - it looks like the Nvidia card doesn't really cope with me changing the binding point for variables tied to the shader. Whenever I change the shader or render a ...

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  5. Animating 3D Models - Part Trois

    Woo - loading and displaying a basic model and animation now works!! I still have some work to do with loading models with multiple meshes, but I'm very happy I've got this far!

    Here is a quick video of what it looks like now:

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  6. Almost 30

    Yikes - I'm almost 30! I'll be 29 in 8 days, then 30 in 365 days after that!

    Anyway, work on animations seems to have backtracked - for some reason, my model now seems to look like a torus, but with one side being incredibly norrow. Oh, and also a ...

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  7. Animating 3D Models

    Alright, so I've made some progress with getting animations in my graphics engine. It's not quite right yet, but I'm making it there slowly. So far, I've got the model loaded, and I've loaded the animation data (although I'm not sure I've loaded ...

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  8. Pizza Oven

    Allright - well, from my previous post, it seems that I was missing a simple property for boost log:

        keywords::auto_flush = true,
        keywords::format = "[%TimeStamp%]: %Message%"

    The key here was keywords::auto_flush = true - once that was in there, it worked great!

    Ok, so on to other things. My ...

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  9. Boost log - argg!


    Boost log is driving me crazy - logically identical code is giving me 2 different results. I can get their sample file logging code to work, but when I port it to my own Logger class, nothing gets written to the file (default.log in this case).

    Below is my ...

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  10. Saturday Night

    Welp - just finished finding a bug in Boost Log 1.54 (or what I believe is a bug, or several). Basically, you can compile Boost 1.54 (including the Log component), but when you try to use it in a project, all hell breaks loose.

    It's really too bad ...

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  11. Trying Pelican

    I'm trying Pelican out for a bit - we'll see how it goes.


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  12. Welcome

    Hi all!

    Welcome to my new website.

    Please have a look around!


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  13. Quaternions are driving me crraazzzyyy

    So I'm super frustrated right now. I'm just learning Quaternions for use in my graphics engine, but am so far unable to get them to work properly. I'm trying to use a Quaternion for rotations of my First Person Camera, which seems like it shouldn't be ...

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  14. Code is a go

    For anyone who is interested, the current working source code for both the Ice Engine and the Light Weight Input System are up now under the Projects page (disclaimer: this link is currently dead - not sure when I'll get around to making a new portfolio page).


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  15. Bunny

    Alt text


    Looks like everything is purring like a kitten on the site, althought I've still got more work to do.

    In other news, the picture to the left is of a baby bunny I found last weekend who needed help. Here's the scoop:

    Saw 2 baby bunnies last ...

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