1. Makin'a Gama

    Hi everyone.

    So I haven't been doing too much on the game front in the past few months - at least, nothing that is really 'visible'. I've mostly done back-end stuff, like code cleanup, refactoring, etc. I am currently playing around with another algorithm for smoothing over voxels called ...

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  2. Onward!

    Hello everyone. Unfortunately, over the past few days I've had some inflammation in my tendons, so I haven't been able to work on too much.

    I do have a rudementary 'paging' system for the terrain - that is, it will dynamically load different chunks of terrain as I move ...

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  3. Voxel Terrain Progress

    Just a quick update on the voxel terrain. So, I've got some basic voxel terrain rendering going. The terrain is supposed to be 'mountainous', with a bunch of caves and such in it. At this point, there are caves and such all over the place :) A little too much ...

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  4. Terrain - Dual Contouring and Voxels

    I've been working on getting some basic terrain rendering in my engine. I want to have something that looks awesome. Unfortunately, this has me a little bit conflicted between a quick and dirty implementation to just get things 'working', and a longer, harder implementation.

    I ultimately chose to go ...

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  5. Basic Skybox

    Alright, so basic animations are working in Linux and Windows! Woot! Well, except for Windows on one of my laptops - it looks like the Nvidia card doesn't really cope with me changing the binding point for variables tied to the shader. Whenever I change the shader or render a ...

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