Basic Skybox

Alright, so basic animations are working in Linux and Windows! Woot! Well, except for Windows on one of my laptops - it looks like the Nvidia card doesn't really cope with me changing the binding point for variables tied to the shader. Whenever I change the shader or render a new mesh, I re-bind the variables for it. I'm not sure exactly what will fix this. Other applications (i.e. Overgrowth) work just fine using OpenGL, although I'm not sure what version they might be using (I'm aiming for 3.2).

Anyway, I've got animations working. I've also got 'frame clamping' working, so you can render only certain frames of the animation (useful for multi-track animations).

I also have a (super) basic skybox implementation.

Here is a quick video of what it looks like now:

Until next time...