Voxel Terrain Progress

Just a quick update on the voxel terrain. So, I've got some basic voxel terrain rendering going. The terrain is supposed to be 'mountainous', with a bunch of caves and such in it. At this point, there are caves and such all over the place :) A little too much at this point, but that's ok. This is achieved by combining a 2d heightmap with 3d simplex noise.

I've also got 2 textures at work - one is grass, which occurs when a vertex normal is pointing in an 'upwards' direction. The other is rock, which occurs when a vertex normal is pointing in a 'sideways' or 'downward' direction.

Here is a quick video of what I've got so far:

I also got a little thread pooling library (here), which I use to generate all of the voxel terrain. I then slowly load the terrain meshes as they finish getting generated. I don't yet have a 'background' OpenGL loading thread. Currently, I just queue the finished terrain meshes in my game engine, and then pop and load one per frame.

Until next time...